5,000-Year-Old Liangzhu Culture

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Ever since Chinese freed themselves from a second-class citizenhood and threw the alien Manchus out of Forbidden City in the early last century and started to communicate with the world, they have maintained they are the inheritors of a 5,000-year-old unbroken cultural tradition. Many in the West are not convinced though. Firstly – they say – Chinese civilisation did appear to have […]

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A Brief Introduction to Chinese Chess

In the ancient city Chengdu, the provincial capital of Sichuan, 30 bronze Chinese chess pieces were recently unearthed from a tomb dating back to the period between Tang and Song dynasties about a thousand years ago. Chinese Chess is one of the two major traditional Chinese chess games, along with Go (Weiqi or Game of Siege), and usually has 32 pieces. The earliest […]

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Chinese New Year Traditions and Customs

Chinese New Year traditions and customs vary in different parts of China. Here just introduce some common practices adopted by majority groups of Chinese people. Lunar December 8: Traditionally this is the day when Chinese New Year festival begins to warm up. People cook nuts-rich rice congee (labazhou 腊八粥, la 腊 for lunar December, ba 八 is number 8, zhou 粥 means congee) and serve when it’s hot on […]

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