Chinese Arts

A Tiger’s Decree

Yuan Shuipai (袁水拍, 1919 – 1983) was one of China’s great contemporary poets with his best works being 400 satirical poems. The following is his […]

Chinese Business Today

A Short Biography of Fat Cats

A Republic: Not so long ago in a galaxy nearby, there was a planet called Mud; on the Mud there was a country titled People’s […]

Game of Hunting

Game of Hunting (猎场), China’s latest TV series, is like a cyclopedia of contemporary Chinese business culture. The story is about China’s recently emerged executive […]

Chinese History

Traditional Chinese Wedding

A traditional Chinese wedding process all started with the man’s family sending a matchmaker to the girl’s household for a marriage proposal. Once the verbal agreement […]

The Death Of A Chinese Diplomat

Mr Tan Jinyong (谭锦镛) was a proud Chinese man, because he was a kungfu master and he was a diplomat. But Mr Tan decided to […]

Chinese Architecture

Traditional Chinese Roofs

Traditional Chinese architecture is not only as old as Chinese civilization with 5,000 years of history but unique in the world, particularly when the roof system […]

People in China

Ms Yang Meijun and Wild Goose Qigong

The fundamental difference between Chinese kung fu/exercise and the rest in the world is the association with qi (info energy in yin-yang dual expressions, which are the […]

Liu Changchun, China’s First Olympian

This is not China’s 110 meter hurdler Liu Xiang (刘翔), an Olympic gold medalist and World Champion, but Liu Changchun (刘长春), China’s first Olympian, 74  years […]

Chinese Legends

A Brief Experience of Time in Mt. Lanke

A firewood collector watching two immortals paying chess in Mt. Lanke in Zhejiang Province – a coloured ink painting by Ming Dynasty scholar, politician and artist […]

Chinese Technology

Chinese 24 Solar Terms

Traditionally, the pace of Chinese people’s life was rhythemed by the 24 Solar Terms, which divide each lunar month into 2 segments based on the sun’s movement. Chinese farmers […]

Chinese Business Tradition

Chinese Business Traditions

For thousands of years, China had been a peasant society with commercial activities consciously suppressed, which shaped China’s business traditions. But it was not always the […]

China’s Confucius Merchants

In Chinese business world, there is a word that used to be very popular and now starts to regain public attention. That is the word […]

Chinese Food

8 Chinese Mushroom Soup Recipes

Mushrooms, whether fresh or dried, are regarded by both Taoists and Chinese herbalists as magic food, and featured prominently in Taoist’ daily menu. Mushrooms not only […]

8 Chinese Daoist Vegetable Dishes

These simple vegetable recipes are selected from 100 Taoist vegetable dishes recommended by the vice president of China Taoist Association. Asparagus Stir Fry with Sweet Potatoes Ingredients (1) […]

Animals in China

A Red Panda’s Rescue Mission

A friend in need is a friend indeed, that is true in human world and also true in the world of red pandas. A Red […]

A Monkey’s Dirty Business

A male macaque has been indulging in the monkey’s dirty business in China for six years, local media reported. According to Wuhan residents, the creature […]