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Game of Hunting

Game of Hunting (猎场), China’s latest TV series, is like a cyclopedia of contemporary Chinese business culture. The highly acclaimed television drama is about China’s recently […]

Chinese Technology

Chinese Legends

Drag queen's romance

A Drag Queen’s Romance

As folklore goes, during Ming Dynasty, there was a talented and good-looking young scholar named Zhou Wenbin living in beautiful lake city Hangzhou, and Zhou Wenbin […]

A Love Story of Butterflies

A love story about a pair of white butterflies is one of the most enduring Chinese legends that has been told for hundreds, probably thousands, […]

Chinese Arts

 Nirvana in Fire (11): Theme Song

When the Wind Begins to Blow Lyrics: Haiyan (the author of the drama); Music: Meng Ke; Singer: Hu Ge (the actor playing the leading character […]

Nirvana in Fire (10): A Delayed Justice

Jingrui, Mei Changsu’s friend, found himself a deeply troubled man. His mother, the emperor’s sister, was pursued by a masked assassin, and they suspected it […]

Chinese Architecture

Chinese Garden Pavilions

Traditional Chinese pavilion is normally a covered small structure with little or no wall. These open structures were initially erected at roadside in the Warring States […]

Chinese Public Toilet

If you think this is an ancient Chinese city wall with gates, you are wrong. It’s a public toilet in China. If you think this […]

Chinese History

A Brief History of Chinese Soccer

Soccer, one of the most popular sports games in the world, has a contemporary history that spans more than 100 years. Yet its roots can be traced […]

Chinese Business Culture

Chinese Business Traditions

For thousands of years, China had been a peasant society with commercial activities consciously suppressed, which shaped China’s business traditions. But it was not always the […]

China’s Confucius Merchants

In Chinese business world, there is a word that used to be very popular and now starts to regain public attention. That is the word […]

Animals in China

A Red Panda’s Rescue Mission

A friend in need is a friend indeed, that is true in human world and also true in the world of red pandas. A Red […]

A Monkey’s Dirty Business

A male macaque has been indulging in the monkey’s dirty business in China for six years, local media reported. According to Wuhan residents, the creature […]

Chinese Food

8 Chinese Mushroom Soup Recipes

Mushrooms, whether fresh or dried, are regarded by both Taoists and Chinese herbalists as magic food, and featured prominently in Taoist’ daily menu. Mushrooms not only […]

8 Chinese Daoist Vegetable Dishes

These simple vegetable recipes are selected from 100 Taoist vegetable dishes recommended by the vice president of China Taoist Association. Asparagus Stir Fry with Sweet Potatoes Ingredients (1) […]