A Drag Queen’s Romance

Drag queen's romance

As folklore goes, during Ming Dynasty, there was a talented and good-looking young scholar named Zhou Wenbin living in beautiful lake city Hangzhou, and Zhou Wenbin had a friend named Zhu Zhishan who was like a celebrity watcher and feared by many elite families. During a Lantern Festival in the lunar January 15, Zhishan visited Wenbin and the two brought wine to appreciate […]

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A Brief Introduction to Ancient Chinese Military Weapons

There were hundreds different types of cold weapons in ancient Chinese battlefields, with the most commonly used including bow (弓), crossbow (弩), sword (剑), broad knife (刀), spear (矛), speargun (枪), cugel (棍), battleaxe (斧), battle spade (钺), halberd (戟), lance (殳), whip (鞭), blunt sword (锏), hammer (锤), fork (叉), plow (钯), dagger (戈) and shield (盾) – known as tools for […]

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Chinese Garden Pavilions

Traditional Chinese pavilion is normally a covered small structure with little or no wall. These open structures were initially erected at roadside in the Warring States era more than 2,200 years ago as shelters for soldiers. After China was reunited under the Qin, a unified postal system was established, and roadside pavilions were used for the government postmen on horseback to […]

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 Nirvana in Fire (11): Theme Song

When the Wind Begins to Blow Lyrics: Haiyan (the author of the drama); Music: Meng Ke; Singer: Hu Ge (the actor playing the leading character Mei Changsu) (https://goo.gl/i8GstS)     变幻 风云几卷 Sudden change of life, storms are full of volume 乱世起惊澜 A troubled time, a terrifying wave 血仍殷 何人心念 Blood is still hot, memories are not lost 烈火清平愿 Justice for […]

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Nirvana in Fire (9): A True Identity Exposed

After returned to the capital, the emperor installed Prince Jing as new Crown Prince. In the meanwhile, Layang Info Centre’s CEO Lin Chen also arrived in the capital after received Mei Changsu’s express mail delivered by pigeon. Lin Chen and his father were the only two people under heaven who could deal with Fire Frozen Toxin. He presented two options for General […]

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